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General embARC compiling troubleshooting approaches

edited May 2016 in Support
Hi All,
There are several ways to check when you have a compiling problem, here are some approaches listed that might help you build your project.
1) When building with IDE project, remember to change your workspace to the right location. When you are in the wrong workspace you will not be able to see the related source files and settings.
2) When building with command line, the desired directory should be, say if you want to compile for "fiq" example, then the directory is embARC201601\embARC\example\emsk\fiq, where you could see the related makefile directly. Then you could execute "make" to compile.
3) GNU make should be from the GNU toolchain, please check your "$PATH" variable when compiling process reports messages like "multiple definition of `main'" or other error messages. Compatible versions are listed in the doc. GNU3.81 should be fine for embARC release 2016.01.
4) Gmake should be from MetaWare Toolkit, please also check your "$PATH" variable to make sure it's invoking the right "gmake".
5) Try to type "make distclean" to clean your project when a previously working project suddenly crashes in buidling. If the directories are not cleaned thorougly, clean them manually.
In theory when you are using the right "make/gmake" binary and having the right sourcefiles, it should build clean. Please report any errors you find to the forum, we are very pleased to have your feedbacks.
Thanks so much.
-embARC team
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