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the problem with the license file of metaware

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your reading.

When I installed the Metaware, and I want to use the Synopsys license file in the linux server.
So I set the environment variable  SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE as [email protected]_name.
However, when I use the command "mcc queen.c" to test the license.
There is an error as the attachment.

Is there any error in my implementation ?

Thank you & Best regards

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  • Hi,
    The settings on your machine seems to be fine this problem seems to be from your server. You need to run scl on your server to start the license server and test its functionality. There could be connection problems or other issues related.
    For MetaWare problems I suggest you to go to SolvNet since this is commercial product and will be better handlered there.
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