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libcoap and retransmission features

I am trying to use the CoAP protocol with FreeRTOS and lwIP, at EMSK.
I was able to build and run server and client projects, and they are working well, but both are working on a synchronous way.
Searching the Internet I found some information about retransmission and timeouts:
"The lwip and Contiki versions are able to handle retransmissions automatically." (https://libcoap.net/roadmap.html)
So, is it possible to use the retransmission feature with FreeRTOS, since we are using the lwIP? And, how to configure these features?


  • coap is based on UDP. As I know, for UDP protocol, there is no retransmission or timeout mechanism like TCP. I think the transmission you mentioned is implemented in coap. Could you provide more information about your need?
  • Hello vonhust,
    Thank you for the support, but using others functions from libcoap now I am able to deal with retransmissions as mentioned in the link above.
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