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Cannot import projects into ARC GNU IDE workspace

edited December 2015 in Support
I follow the instructions at (embarc.org/getting-started-linux.html) to import projects into ARC GNU IDE workspace.

However, eclipse does not import the project successfully as shown in the picture below.


I think the project path settings are incorrect. How can I fix it?

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  • hi, we need to switch to the right workspace and then do the projects importing. Take EMSK2.0 projects as an exmaple, the stepts are:
    Step 1: Start installed GNU toolchain IDE. Before we compile, we need to import existing IDE example projects from their directory. Press “File”->”Switch Workspace”->navigate to the IDE projcects directory “\embARC201505\embARC\ide_projects\emsk_20\gnu”->press “OK”.
    Step 2: Import example IDE projects. Press “File”->”Import…”->”General”->”Existing Projects into Workspace”->press “Next” button->browse to the ide project directory “\embARC201505\embARC\ide_projects\emsk_20\gnu”. You will see a lot of projects available in the “Projects” panel. Like the attatched picture.
    Let me know if you see projects correctly imported, thanks.
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  • I've got it.

    I should check if I can run the application on hardware.

    However, I get similar warnings:

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  • hi, which GNU toolchain and embARC package you are using? And did you change your workspace into the right directory? If it's embARC201505 please don't make changes to the unzipped directory names.
  • edited December 2015
    I use GNU toolchain which is bundled with arc_gnu_2015.06_ide_linux_install.tar.gz.
    I add the toolchain path as

    export PATH=$PATH:~/Desktop/other/arc/arc_gnu_2015.06_ide_linux_install/bin/
    My workspace path is

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  • ok, could you first try if you could build with command lines? Could you see source files after changing workspace and do those importing?
    I suggest you to clean your original settings, or original files and unzip again and see if it's ok.
  • I noticed that these warnings do not prevent from running an application.

    After setting the proper debugger path within Debug Configurations, I can debug an application.

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  • One last thing:

    How can I use the terminal when running an application from Eclipse?

    I can see that the board has a tty connection under /dev/ttyUSB1, however, I cannot establish a connection via Eclipse IDE.

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  • edited December 2015
    I've added the current user to the dialout group by running the following command:

    sudo usermod -aG dialout

    Then I saw that COM port ttyUSB1 was available but could not be used:

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  • hi, we suggest to use a standalone serial port tool for displaying messages instead of using the built in console of Eclipse.You can use any terminal emulation program to view UART output from the EMSK. The USB connection provides both the debug channel and RS232 transport. The PC chooses an available COM port when the USB cable is connected.
    Follow this link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Minicom to setup a UART terminal using minicom in linux. The uart baudrate is 115200bps.
    Please remember to follow the instructions on the getting started guide on how to configure ftdi chip and install the drivers. Thanks.
  • OK.

    Can we say that

    /dev/ttyUSB0 is used for debug


    /dev/ttyUSB1 is used for standard I/O?
  • well, for simplicity we usually don't go into such details, we tend to wrap this up and provide APIs to end application programmers. Yes you could think that way, two usb channels for debugging and communication. Details need to be sorted out accoridng to their dirver code:)
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