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Using A/D Converter

My kit includes a 4-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (Pmod AD2 from Digilent).

Is there any example to start working with this module?


  • Hi, we've incorporated the adc module into the ntshell example in \embARC\embARC201505\embARC\example\emsk\ntshell. Once you've compiled and downlowed the nteshell application, it will start a ntshell console in putty(serial port). there's an "adc" command as shown in the attached picture.
    For how to run the application please refer to the getting started guide for embARC. You need to mount the Pmod to the disignated connection ports.
    The source file for this command is located in embARC\embARC201505\embARC\middleware\ntshell\cmds\cmd_adc.c.
    Hope this helps and please let me know if you have problem running this test.
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  • edited December 2015
    Which Pmod port is utilized when running the adc command (J1-J6)?
  • hi, it's J2 for embARC code, thanks.
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