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WolfSSL on embARC toolkit

Has Synopsys verified that embARC wolfssl and related code can work on 2 starter kit boards, so that one board can authenticate the other? We want to set this up so that we can better understand the code when it is up and running. Also could you let us know what we need to make it work in case this set-up is not working yet?



  • Hi pmm,
    Sorry for the delay in answering. For embARC platform we tested typical configurations of WolfSSL between EMSK and PC, EMSK and EMSK.
    Our test application is the secure client and the secure sever and there's limited guidence on how to set it up in current release, more documentation will be included in the coming release related to test scenario setup, configuration clarification etc. The primary job done in embARC is to make it compatible/functional together with lwIP for now, if you want to use modified wolfssl some homework is needed to reconfig it and port it onto embARC.
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