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how use JTAG of ARCEM6 on ARCEM starter kit2.0

edited September 2017 in Support
Hi am using ARCEM6 with JTAG(RTL) generated with Architect tool and specified the constraints for the spartan6 as mentioned in arc em starter kit user guide and generated bitfile using XILINX ISE and now i programmed the fpga and i use metaware to run a just a sample code i get error as "cannot establish the connection" so can anyone help me out with this issue..



  • Hi Prakash,
    ARC JTAG is different from FPGA jtag, if you've routed ARC jtag to general IO pins, you'll need to connect the connection cable, say HS2 with the ARC jtag pins. Could you double check if you are doing it right? And you'll need to install digilent drivers to use HS2 cable.
    So two things:
    1) route ARC jtag pins (tms/tck/tdi/tdo etc) to genearl IO pins, or the same as EMSK.
    2) connect HS2 cable with those pins;
    3) install digilent driver.
    Also what toolkit are you using? MWDT or GNU? It's not that important but for GNU it needs extra steps to replace digilent drivers with general usb drivers as stated below:https://github.com/foss-for-synopsys-dwc-arc-processors/arc_gnu_eclipse/wiki/How-to-Use-OpenOCD-on-Windows
    Please let me know how it goes, thanks.
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