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Building working examples of Eclipse IDE using GNU Toolchain


I'd like to work with the example projects made for Eclipse on my Linux-based environment. I'd like to as whether it's possible to build the project right from the example directory "~/embARC/example/baremetal/bootloader" using make command?
I tried that and it returns that I require "ccac" which is a cross-compiler I assume. I've already built the toolchain on my PC from: https://github.com/foss-for-synopsys-dwc-arc-processors/toolchain/wiki/EM-Starter-Kit
and the cross-compiler resulting from that is "arc-elf32-gcc", not "ccac".



  • Hi eugenelet,
    the default toolchain uses the metaware toolchain rather than ARC GNU toolchain, from the makefile under ~/embARC/example/options/options.mk you could see the option "TOOLCHAIN ?= mw", you could change it to "TOOLCHAIN?=gnu" to use GNU by default.
    From the embac user manual document ~/embARC/doc/embARC_Document.html, there are options to control board_version, toolchain, etc. See section embarc->Example->Make Options for embARC. Thanks.
  • Hello Elliot,

    I've followed the documentation given for the make parameters which is:
    make BOARD=emsk BD_VER=20 CUR_CORE=arcem7d TOOLCHAIN=gnu

    The following are the error messages that came along.
    Creating Directory : obj_emsk_20/gnu_arcem7d
    Compiling : main.c
    arc-elf32-gcc: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-mmpy16’
    make: *** [../../../options/rules.mk:234: obj_emsk_20/gnu_arcem7d/main.o] Error 1

    Did i get the wrong cross compiler? Or do I have to edit the Makefile myself to have this:
    -mcpu=em4 -mswap -mnorm -mmpy-option=wlh3 -mbarrel-shifter (from the toolchain site)

    Or is there a better way on dealing with this issue?

  • Hi Eugene,
    The GNU toolchain has updated and deleted this "-mmpy16" option from GNU2016.03 . Are you using GNU2015.12? Which embARC package do you use? The 2016.05 release contains the following message:
    Tool Support
    •Eclipse IDE for GNU Toolchain for ARC Processors, 2015.12
    •MetaWare Development Toolkit, 2015.12
    And you've already got the solution: change the makefile to make it compatible with the toolchain. Or you could rollback the GNU toolchain to 2015.12.
  • Hi Elliot,

    Great, got it working now. Have to change the makefile myself to support the latest toolchain. Thanks for helping! :)

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