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How to integrate embARC201605 with metawarelite IDE

I recently bought arc EM starter kit from synopsys and downloaded the meta aware lite IDE.
I did the examples given in the Kit user guide. They were working fine.

Additionally I got the embARC201605.zip from embark website.

I would like to know how to integrate this (embARC201605) with metaware lite.
In the “embARC\board” folder I see there is a header file called board.h but when I include this in the c code. I am getting unsupported tool chain error.
My aim is to use this header file with board details and use the functions in the driver folder


  • Hi, sumiraf,

    Could you show the error message with screenshot or log file, that will help us a lot to debug the issue you met.
    For metaware ide, we have pre-built ide projects for it, so you just need to import the ide projects to your metaware ide, for how to do this, please follow the user guide https://embarc.org/help.html#guides.
    And also you can just build and run the example in windows command line, for example, for the /example/baremetal/bootloader example, you can open your windows command terminal, and cd to this bootloader example folder, and build the example using this command: gmake . And you can run this example using this command: gmake run. The default board and core for this build is EMSK2.2-ARCEM7D, if you are using a different board and core, you need to follow the user manual provided in /doc/embARC_Document.html, open this html in a browser.


  • Hi Huaqi,
    Well let me explain what I did.
    I wanted to control the LED using gpio drives provided , as the first step to understanding the how to use the gpio drivers.
    So I wrote the following code assuming that this header files will automatically be included by the tool
    #include "emsk_gpio.h"
    int main(void) {
    int a=5;
    return 0;

    But the ide was giving following error
    ../exp1.c:1:10: fatal error: 'emsk_gpio.h' file not found
    #include "emsk_gpio.h"

    So I came to conclusion that the ide doesn't automatically integrate .... So I started including the folders in c/c++ general -> Paths and Symbols-> Includes->Metaware C
    When I build , ide was complaining again and again saying this file is missing and that file is missing, So I was including the folders again and again after searching missing file location.
    I had to add following folders

    And now I am getting following error.
    C:/Users/sumiraf/mide/workspace/embARC/inc\embARC_toolchain.h:103:2: error: "unsupported toolchain"
    #error "unsupported toolchain"

    Note: full console output is attached

    The example that you suggested above is also done similar thing and just included the required files(I didn't run just checked main.c)
    But In my case I am getting above error ??

    Any direction for solution ?
  • Hi Sumif, for embARC, we use our own makefile to manage source code, not use IDE to manage it. Even you manually add include paths to IDE, it will still not work.

    Because we provide a header file called embARC.h, you can include this file instead of emsk_gpio.h.

    For creating a new embARC project, we recommend you to follow embARC documentation to do this, not using a metaware IDE to create a project, it is not a recommended way.

    I still recommend you to take a look at the example section of embARC documentation(C:\embARC\doc\embARC_Document.html). If you open the README.md in your downloaded embARC package, you will see how to do this.

    And we also provide get started guide on this website, you can also follow the get started guide.

  • There are many examples in /example folder, you can take reference from.

    I recommend you to follow our document to run example first, and port your application to embARC software.

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