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Can the license file of linux server be used in windows OS

Hello, everyone !

Thank you for your reading.

When I installed the metaware, and I want to use the synopsis license file in linux server.
So I set the environment variable SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE as [email protected]_name.
However, when I use the command mcc queen.c to test the license.
There is an error as the attachment.

What is the reason ?

Thank you & best regards


  • node locked licenses could be used on either windows or linux as long as MAC address is correct.
    Floating licenses need to be started/managed with a license server, and this license has no dependency on OS as well. According to your description you have a floating license so need to install SCL (synopsys common licensing) tool and start a license server than set up the SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE env varialbe, then metaware should able to check out license.
    Such requests should usually go through solvnet, btw.
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